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Studio & 1 Bedroom Apartments

Home in the City

Say hello to luxury living in Portland, Oregon. Milano offers you urban-sleek studio and one bedroom apartments just South of NE Weidler St and MLK Blvd. From functionality to style, your new space is set up to accentuate the NE lifestyle and do so with modern flair. Soaring ceilings and wall-to-wall windows open up your home and showcase incredible views of Portland. A private balcony serves as your personal outdoor oasis, a perfect spot for sipping Stumptown coffee on a summer morning. And a pet-friendly community welcomes your furry friend with open arms – because we know that they’ll love it here as much as you do.

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Room to Be You

Your apartment home provides you with the freedom to express yourself. Use the extra storage space to organize the necessities and open up the room to display local artwork or a unique piece of vintage furniture. Stainless-steel appliances and a fully equipped kitchen act as your canvas for testing out new recipes and enjoying your favorite staples. Whatever looks like home to you, our apartments provide you the platform to live your best. Call to schedule a personalized tour of Milano to see for yourself.